Beat the market & your competitors with alternative data for finance

Generate actionable insights for equity research, venture capital investment, & portfolio management, with Bright Data, the world’s #1 platform for alternative financial data

Identify new investment opportunities with equity research & venture capital data

  • Determine the viability of investments with data on market prices, inventory data, client portfolios, company news, and product data & reviews
  • Track real-time consumer behavior and shifts in demand to inform investment decisions with social media & customer review data
  • Uncover market trends, discover industry niches, and reveal investment opportunities using datasets of company profiles & start up lists

Track strategic movements & get a granular analysis of companies in your portfolio

  • Predict quarterly earnings with data on transactions, footfall, web traffic, apps, & receipts
  • Get informed in real-time when a company in your portfolio is mentioned on social media, Reddit, or news platforms
  • Aggregate public web data about a business like its hiring data as an indicator of future corporate performance
  • Get updates in real-time about specific products and brands to predict the success or failure of certain stocks or ETFs in the market

Gain high-yielding predictive insights from alternative data

  • Mine social media and search engine data to forecast a company’s earnings
  • Keep track of regulations and policy changes to ensure compliance with data regarding financial regulatory requirements and changes
  • Collect financial market news from websites, social media, blogs, and forums, for predictive insights
  • Analyze financial markets in targeted regions to optimize strategies

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Что делает Bright Data
бесспорным лидером отрасли


Высочайшее качество данных, наилучшее время безотказной работы сети, быстрый вывод


Неограниченный масштаб и возможности кастомизации

Правовое соответствие

Прозрачная и удобная для предприятий инфраструктура


Минимальное вложение собственных ресурсов

Лучшее качество обслуживания в отрасли

  • Новые функции добавляются каждый день. Вы запрашиваете – мы разрабатываем
  • 24/7 техподддержка во всех часовых поясах
  • Отображение статуса сети в режиме реального времени. Полная прозрачность
  • Личные аккаунт-менеджеры
  • Индивидуальная разработка решений под ваши задачи

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