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  • Scrape real-time public data with Etisalat IPs
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99.9% success rates
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Unlimited concurrent requests
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Avoid detection and CAPTCHA

Лидер отрасли G2 в 2023 году

Награда за лидерство в отрасли извлечения данных по удовлетворенности клиентов, качеству поддержки и присутствию на рынке

Лучшие инструменты для сбора данных 2023 года

Награда за наши лидирующие на рынке инструменты для сбора любых общедоступных данных

Лучшая прокси-экосистема 2023 года

Награда за лидерство в отрасли в области прокси-инноваций и лучший опыт работы с клиентами.

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Etisalat Proxies

Etisalat Proxies
from every country in the world

Thousands of real residential & mobile Etisalat IPs means never having your IP blocked again. If you’re looking to scrape website data, Bright Data is the industry’s largest proxy network. Bright Data proxies are built for scale and perform at peak times. 

Get easy access to data you need to access specifically with Etisalat with our high-quality proxies that will send your requests from geo-locations that work with Etisalat.

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Etisalat proxies for your data scraping needs

Use Bright Data to anonymously browse and collect public web data, with Etisalat IPs. Our proxy infrastructure is the most reliable and is trusted by over 15K+ businesses, including Fortune 500 companies. Enjoy the highest success rates in the industry at 99.99%, and explore a variety of automated web data collection products from the award-winning #1 Proxy Ecosystem. 

Our Etisalat proxies will help you get the data you need  effortlessly and safely, avoiding access or resolving host issues. 

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Highest quality data
Enterprise-grade scaling
Largest GEO coverage
Best network uptime
Best network uptime
Fastest output
Highest quality data

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The highest success
rate in the industry
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Non-stop Innovation

New features are released daily, with developer needs in mind

patent count 3300+

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scaling for programmers

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The best customer experience in the industry

  • New feature releases every day. You ask, we develop
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  • Real-time network performance dashboard. Full transparency
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Tailored solutions to meet your data collection goals

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