Tokenized SaaS solutions for businesses

Business impact

  • Allow customers to gather sensitive data securely
  • Avoid getting blocked or misled
  • Ensure customers retain ownership of the data

About the company

This Bright Data customer is a data security firm offering a SaaS solution to businesses who deal with sensitive and regulated data.

They assume the liability on behalf of their clientele allowing their customers to work with personal and financial information while ensuring the protection and storage of it.

The Challenge

This security firm focuses on tokenizing this sensitive information on behalf of their clientele.

They realized they required a product that would allow their customers to utilize and route this sensitive information across multiple payment gateways, data providers and endpoints across the globe.

How Bright Data solved this

The firm decided to take advantage of the versatility of Bright Data‘s Proxy Networks and chose to encompass Bright Data as a 3rd party provider to their infrastructure.

Working with their personal Bright Data account manager, they managed to adjust their interface to work in tandem with Bright Data ensuring their customers retained ownership of the data while connecting them through multiple 3rd party applications.

The outcome

With Bright Data‘s simple integration this firm was able to easily incorporate their customers into Bright Data‘s interface easily. Now their customers can scrape sensitive data securely without getting blocked or misled. Thanks to Bright Data‘s Proxy Network now they able to offer the most secure and encrypted customer data across the globe.

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