Retailer Promotion on an International Scale

Business impact

  • Avoid IP-based blockades from anywhere in the world
  • Create and manage accounts on any platform regardless of geolocation
  • Ensure efficient utilization of ISP IPs

About the company

Providing customers a means of promoting their products on various platforms.

The promotion company helps retailers by creating and managing accounts for them on numerous social media and classifieds sites.

The challenge

The company, as well as its retail customers, are based in a location with many IP based blockades and are unable to access a majority of popular social media and classifieds sites. The promotion company creates and manages accounts on behalf of their clientele providing them the ability to advertise and promote their products to an international audience. One of the issues the promotion company had, besides the IP based blockades, was that fact that their residential IPs rotated which caused the accounts to get flagged or blocked.

How Bright Data solved this

The promotion company learned of Bright Data‘s ISP (static residential) IPs that can be purchased and are exclusive to the IP owner. The promotion company decided to assign one static, city-targeted IP to each individual account allowing them to easily manage the accounts without worrying about the IP rotating.

The company can now maintain accounts across the globe without getting blocked or flagged. Working with a common social media bot, they enjoyed the easy integration of Bright Data into their preexisting set-up with little effort.

The outcome

By using Bright Data‘s ISP (Static residential) IPs they are able to create and manage accounts on any platform regardless of their company or customers’ geolocations. The entire company can easily use Bright Data using the Proxy Browser Extension allowing all members of their team to access their IPs and assist their customers.

Bright Data‘s city targeted, ISP (Static residential) IPs are assigned from an ISP to Bright Data for your exclusive use. Purchase Exclusive Domain or Shared IPs with pay-as-you-go pricing in cities and countries across the globe. Install the Bright Data Proxy Browser Extension and ensure the entire company can utilize the Bright Data‘s ISP (Static residential) IPs today.

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