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Amazon best-seller products dataset

Use our Amazon best seller products dataset to identify top-selling products and sellers, and track them across various categories and subcategories. Depending on your needs, you may purchase the entire dataset or a customized subset.

Popular use cases: competitive intelligence, tracking trending products, monitoring customer sentiment, monitoring competitor prices, enhancing product inventory, and more.

About dataset

Beat your eCommerce competitors using an Amazon dataset to get a complete overview of their pricing, product strategies, brand reputation, and customer reviews.

The dataset includes all major data points:

  • Brand
  • Product
  • Bestseller ranking
  • Product category
  • Seller
  • Price
  • Reviews
  • and more
Starts from
$5,000 / dataset
$0.004 Per record

Delivery options


Email, API download, Webhook, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure Storage, SFTP


One time, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly


Не можете найти то, что ищете?

Не можете найти то, что ищете?

Мы подготовим для вас пользовательский набор данных или вы можете создать собственный с помощью нашей IDE.

Frequently asked questions

Track Best-Sellers

Track and analyze Amazon best sellers’ ranking and use it to identify unfilled market gaps, generate new business ideas, or even recruit them into your store.

Enhance Your Product Inventory

Find best-selling Amazon products, and optimize your inventory to stay ahead of your competition with your product offerings.

Monitor Consumer Sentiment

Analyze categories and brands that are trending using an Amazon best selling product dataset. Spot shifts in consumer demand and product popularity among buyers.